Relevium Foundation

Relief for Renters

“Due to high volume of applications, please note that application reviews and decisions may be delayed. We understand the urgency of your situation and appreciate your understanding. As a reminder, Relevium offers SHORT-TERM relief, so please do not apply if you require more than 3 months of rent relief OR do not have employment lined up to support you and your family beyond 3 months.”

The Problem

So many families are living paycheck to paycheck and are just one hardship or emergency expense away from eviction and facing the vicious cycle of poverty. Many aren’t even aware that rent relief is a possibility.

Our Mission

To provide temporary relief to residents of rental homes by removing some of the financial barriers that are preventing individuals from building a better future for themselves and their families.

Who We Help

The Relevium Foundation supports renters who have experienced hardship, making it difficult to pay rent.  The catalyst for such an event may be a job loss or termination, a death in the family, insurmountable bills from a sudden medical issue, or other traumatic events.  For a full list of qualifying criteria, click the button below:

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Job Loss Or Termination

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Deceased Family Member

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Sudden Medical Debt

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Other Unexpected Event

Who We've Helped So Far

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130+ months of rent relief provided to...

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50+ families who live in...

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10+ states!

What Makes Us Different

From start to finish, whether approved or declined, the Relevium Foundation strives to support all renters with temporary rent relief and/or the resources they need to continue on.

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Maximum Benefits

100% of all donations go towards helping those in need. No admin or overhead charges will be deducted from donor contributions.

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Thorough Screening

All applicants go through an extensive screening process to assure we are helping those that are truly in need.

direct payment

Direct Payments

Rental assistance payments are made directly to the landlord or property manager to guarantee the funds are used for the intended purpose.

additional resources

Additional Resources

If applicants don’t meet our qualification criteria, we don’t simply turn them away. We have an extensive list of resources and other charitable programs that may be able to assist.

In Their Own Words

We’re off to a great start. Since establishing Relevium Foundation, we have already helped so many families with temporary rent relief, offering them a chance to get back on their feet. As always, we are humbled by their kindness and strength. Hear what they have to say:

Interested in Applying?

If you are a renter and meet the qualification criteria, then you may apply on our website for temporary rent relief.  Applications are reviewed by the board of Revelium Foundation and, if approved, the foundation covers partial or full rent payments for a specified period of time, allowing you time to recover financially.

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