Donate to Relevium this Holiday Season

Donate to Relevium this Holiday Season

Relevium – the Latin term for relief. We seek to give renters in need some relief. The Relevium Foundation was founded in April 2020 by Andy Capps and Lance Popp, leaders of the property management industry. They saw renters struggling to make ends meet throughout the year. We offer temporary rental relief through an application process that makes us different than the rest. Our organization, whether an applicant is approved or denied, strives to provide resources through every step of the process. So, what makes us different? We are truly a non-profit organization. All our donations go straight to helping families in need. Payments are made directly to the property management company or landlord to ensure that you don’t need to wait for a payment from us. We want to help as many families as possible throughout the year, but we also strive to really make someone’s holiday season special.

Who Relevium helps

Families find themselves in unexpected hardships that might force them to choose between paying a specific bill or paying rent. We want them to be able to pay both this season. We assist families that may have lost a job, lost a family member, have a sudden medical bill, or are experiencing any sudden or unexpected event that caused them to fall hard on their financial situation. We have been able to help over 60 families since we started our organization, and we are striving to continue to help more. Just this year, we have been able to give over $70,000 in rental assistance to families in need, and over $200,000 since our beginning!

Why Relevium gives

We want to keep families in their homes – especially during the holidays. We want parents to think about what gift will make their child’s day, not about if they get to stay in their home for the month. We want to hear about kids opening letters from Santa, not parents opening another letter of eviction. Relevium wants to remind people what if feels like to be home.

How you can help

You can help a family by donating to the Relevium Foundation today on our website. All donations will go straight to a family in need. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to stay up to date on all things Relevium, including our annual Casino Night fundraiser and features of families that your donations have helped! We offer a monthly subscription option for those who want to donate every month as well as one-time donations.

Relevium has also partnered with Amazon through AmazonSmile. It’s as easy as linking your Amazon account to our charity through AmazonSmile, and Amazon will donate 0.5% of each eligible purchase to the Relevium Foundation! The best part? This is of no cost to you! Not in a place where you can donate to our cause? You can still help! Share our mission with your friends and family. Together we can give a family the gift of shelter this holiday season. Join our cause and help us keep families in their homes.

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