Unexpected Kindness

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Unexpected Kindness

Unexpected Events

It’s an all too common story these days. You do everything you’re supposed to. You work hard to provide a stable home for your loved ones. Even though you’re often exhausted from life’s demands, you gladly give more of yourself to personal, familial, and professional commitments. Your bills are paid on time, every month, and you try to plan for rainy days. But life so often has a way of throwing us curve balls. Even the best preparations can crumble before an unexpected event.

Perhaps you’re laid off due to unfavorable economic factors beyond your control. Maybe an unforeseen medical bill depletes your reserves. Worse yet, maybe the entire world shuts down for two years due to a pandemic. Suddenly, the very sanctuary you’ve worked so hard to maintain for yourself and your family is in jeopardy. It can be easy to despair in the face of such misfortune. Fortunately, there is help. The Relevium Foundation is here to provide a helping hand in times just like these.

Unexpected Grace

When people find themselves facing hardships that put their homes at risk, many of them have no idea where to turn for help. They feel like this burden is one they have to face in solitude. For those who are eventually fortunate enough to learn of our organization and mission, the unexpected good news is quite literally a relief.

Sherry (name changed to protect privacy), one of our many approved applicants, expressed how the rental assistance she received was especially profound for her household because it was so unexpected. Touched by the generosity of our donors, Sherry was kind enough to share her testimonial with us, saying,

“I live a life of service…never expecting anything in return. During the most tumultuous time of my life, not knowing where things were going to go, out of nowhere came this organization that extended this kind of grace to my family and I.”

Sherry’s heartfelt surprise at the help she received is a sentiment we hear over and over again from those we’re able to assist. But why should the depths of humanity’s generosity be a surprise at all? Quite simply, we believe that it should not.

Making the Unexpected, Expected

Thankfully, not everyone will know what it’s like to face the fear of losing their home. But everyone will, at some point in their lives, face a daunting tribulation where they desperately wish for help. Perhaps you already have experienced something like this, and you know exactly how life-altering it feels when someone freely and graciously offers you a hand up when you’re at your lowest. Surely you’d want to pay it forward and pass that restorative faith in mankind on to someone else. Help us to make unexpected acts of kindness like this more common for those desperately in need. Please make a donation that will restore peace and security to a deserving household. Alternatively, if you or someone you know is in need of rent relief, please review our criteria for assistance.

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